The MX Association is in the process of changing its focus to align itself more with the Bentley product line. Whilst MXRoad is still a product within the Bentley Suite of programs, Bentley’s focus is now on its OpenRoads technology, of which MX is one of the core technologies.

To facilitate this, the MX Association will also aim to strengthen its future conference by working closely with Bentley and is looking at adopting a similar format to the Bentley Learn conferences from the USA and the Danish Civil User Community.

We have committed to continue the Association as an independent entity however we will be more closely aligned with Bentley to deliver our 30th Conference within the broader framework of a Civil Users conference within the next 12-18 months. The exact structure has not yet been determined, though we will be working hard to incorporate as much user input through presentations, technical training and workshops as we have always done.

The Executive from 2013 will continue in their current roles, and will facilitate the migration to the new format whilst maintaining the core aims of the Association as described in our constitution.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the 30th Conference and also look forward to moving into the new world of OpenRoads and welcoming new delegates from a broader user base of Bentley Civil Users.

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