Theo ten Brummelaar

Theo ten Brummelaar accepting the Ray Moloney Award for Innovation

Theo was selected in 2006 for his innovative methods for using perspectives in the design process rather than just using them to look at a design. He pioneered the way for MX Users to utilise perspective drawings in this way, to highlight irregularities in designs before the design progressed too far. This was really the precursor to the way we use visualisation tools now.

Some highlights of Theo's career:

  • Active member of the then MOSS Users Association through the 1980ís & 1990ís
  • Numerous presentations on the use of Perspectives in Design
  • Provided an insight into the use of perspectives as a design tool, not just a way to illustrate the design
  • Was a leader in the way we now us the perspective & visualisation tools
  • First person inducted into the Life Members of the MUAA in 1994