Korry Ritsma - Geometric & Roading Design Reviewer

Korry Ritsma accepting the Ray Moloney Award for Innovation

New Zealand Certificate of Engineering (Civil), Member REA

Korry is a Senior MX Designer recognized as one on New Zealand’s leading designers and brings extensive practical NZTA roads and highways design experience to this project. Through his informal association with Infrasoft/Bentley and 3AM Solutions, Korry has contributed to the development of MX and 3D modelling tool "Dynamite". Korry produced the 3-D animated model of the Kerikeri Heritage Bypass and Western Corridor Study in Wellington, both of which became powerful consultation tools. Korry has developed many design macros which reduces the time spent entering design code.

Korry has over 25 years experience in civil and highway design and drafting. In the past 5 years Korry has been focused on the development of MX as a design tool for NZ highways. Due to his involvement in the creation of the MX models for many major urban motorways and other projects, Korry has developed an intimate knowledge of the NZ Highway Design Standards and the current draft GDM. Korry led the geometric design for both the $200m SH20 Mt. Roskill extension and the $90m SH18 Upper Harbour Corridor projects. Korry was also responsible for the Geometric Design of Glenfield Road Widening and developed the alignment for the adjacent SH1 (Russley Road) Memorial Avenue to Yaldhurst Road 4-laning project.

"I first came across the name of Korry some 22 years ago when I was a surveyor for the MWD in Wanganui, and he was known as the MWD Moss guru way back then. He still is today, and is still in the forefront of development and use of the MX software where he pushes the software development envelope. This is of benefit to all users worldwide, as when he shows has developments at Bentley user conferences, Bentley certainly know what Korry is up to. Yes he has had some knock backs by Bentley, but you can’t win them all. However by showing Bentley what can be done with the software it certainly has the effect of keeping their development team on their toes. What would the software look like if they were to take up all of Korry ideas, hell it would be great!"
- Ross Brown [Beca]

"All of Korry's development has been done unselfishly and with a desired outcome of an improved workflow/product. All of Korry's developments have also been seen and admired by Infrasoft and now Bentley. A few of the tools we see in MX today resemble the KBR tools we saw yesterday, for example the SSD analysis. A full time MX user for nearly 20 years Korry's knowledge of MX is second to none. Most people know Korry from his customisation of MX, early development was with UPM's (remember what they are?) Korry realising this was limited, took papers at university enabling him to push development further in programs like C++ and visual basic. Being limited with access to parts of the MX code Korry has been able to "work around things" (infamous MX quote) developing his own macro language giving him and others the flexibility to develop some fantastic design tools, all of which are completely compatible with workflows in Linemode. He continues to open Bentleys eyes with what he has created and what users want."
- Noel Tunnicliffe [URS New Zealand]

"Korry’s reputation as a skilled geometric designer and Moss guru is renown across NZ and in Australia. Tools developed by Korry over many years are still today embedded within Opus, AECOM (formally Maunsell) design processes. These tools are so effective they have been utilises by individuals across the MX world. Korry’s development and understanding of the MX engine goes beyond the typical development of macros and design and presentation aids. Kmac, Korry’s own macro extension to MX allows MX to perform operations and computations not otherwise possible. My personal favourite application developed by Korry allows the user to select the M-string and have the applicable regions design super-elevation diagram drawn into AutoCAD, where the user may choose to modify any elements and with a single touch of the poly line have the minor option 131 code output to the input file."
- Ian Hallam [AECOM]

"I recall a few years ago working on the Airport Link project where we were doing huge hours but managed to have the pleasure of dinner with Korry, Jason Cox and two other Kiwi MX people that all happened to be in Brisbane for the night. As the evening went on and many beers flowed I mentioned to the table a difficult problem I was dealing with, that I could not get sorted on linemode. Korry whipped out a pen and on the back of two napkins wrote linemode code and a macro that would solve the problem " and the next morning this proved to be true! " A legend!"
- Steve Muller [Bloxam Burnett & Olliver]