Ray Moloney Award for Innovation


2005 - Bob McPherson
2006 - Theo Ten Brummelaar
2007 - Andrew Mickan
2008 - Stewart Smith
2009 - Phil Davies
2010 - Korry Ritsma
2012 - Phil Prosser


The 22nd Annual MX Association Conference, held in Darling Harbour, Sydney, saw the establishment of the "Ray Moloney Award for Innovation" to honour the memory of the late Ray Moloney and to recognize innovation and excellence in MX design and development.

The committee of the time was hopeful this award would become an annual institution, presented at each conference to a deserving recipient chosen by the members and committee of the MX Association.

At the time of its inception some concerns were raised that this may lessen the value of the award, and that the award should be presented only to well deserving recipients and not necessarily on an annual basis. However, since 2005, the award has been presented annually, and a full set of criteria has been developed.

The recipient of the award shall be either,

  • a past or present user or developer of MOSS/MX or,
  • be associated with the use of MOSS/MX through a management, support or similar role and,
  • has provided a genuine and substantial innovative contribution in the MX field as either a user or developer of the product or,
  • has provided direction for the implementation of advanced technologies leading or contributing to further development of the MX software suite, or
  • be instrumental in any advanced applied use of MX that has been of a substantial and continuing benefit to the vast majority of MX users in Australasia.

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    Special Tribute

    Sadly, 2005 saw the passing of Ray Moloney, former founder and Director of Infrasoft Australia Pty Limited (formerly Moss Systems Pty Limited). Ray was instrumental in establishing the first agency for the MOSS program in 1982 in Australia, while a Director for Tritek.

    Through a series of twists and turns, Ray helped establish MOSS Systems Australasia in 1988. It was very successful at marketing and supporting MOSS in Australia and New Zealand through the 80's and 90's and later took the name of Infrasoft Pty Limited when Infrasoft Corporation, the then USA MOSS Agent, acquired Moss Systems Limited UK. Later Infrasoft Corporation also acquired the Australian operation and a year after, in January of 2003, Bentley Systems acquired the whole of Infrasoft to form part of the Bentley Civil team. This provided Ray even more the opportunity to focus on the challenges of trail-blazing the product into the 21st Century.

    Ray was certainly one of the thinkers of this world, and reveled in his position of software researcher and developer, developing such things as PaveMOSS - the fore-runner of MXRENEW, and DynaMOSS - a lead-in to MXROAD. He was also instrumental in the development of the quick alignment options, pavement layer design, MXRENEW, MXURBAN and parts of the visibility and superelevation tools.

    Ray's ability and character quickly became well known throughout Bentley's world-wide offices. Ray was a very proud Australian, and certainly took a big slice of it wherever he traveled, always leaving a lasting impression with all those he associated with along the way.